About the Founder

Ms. Turley received a graduate degree as a Master of Speech Pathology from the University of South Carolina and an undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing from the University of Tennessee.  She also received a minor in psychology.

In January 1976, she began her career as the first Speech-Language Clinician for a small rural county school district in Tennessee.  This was the result of her honors practicum where a team of three student clinicians designed, developed and implemented a county wide speech pathology program for the school district. She was asked by the superintendent to continue to develop the program after graduation.  After a move to South Carolina, she joined the Greenville County School District.  Later she became part of the team at Washington Center, a school for children with special needs including the use of alternative and augmentative communication systems.

In 1981, Ms. Turley realized her dream of opening her own private practice part-time by providing services privately and through several home health agencies to adult patients in their homes.  Soon thereafter, she became the Speech Pathology Consultant to Hollis Developmental Center, a facility at the time for fragile newborns to five-year-old developmentally delayed children.   Ms. Turley is a strong proponent of early intervention for all ages and disorders.  It is here where she learned more about the necessity of sensory integration.  The positive impact it had on habilitation and rehabilitation was phenomenal and became another cornerstone in her treatment of patients of all ages.  


At the Hollis Development Center, Ms. Turley had the wonderful and life enhancing opportunity to work with occupational therapist, Ms. Michelle Evans, LOT.  This profound professional experience propelled her forward into being mindful of what the patient is communicating when there are no words.  She reports that it is the knowledge that these precious, severely involved babies and young children were able to share, that was monumental in her development as a speech-language pathologist for both treating children and adults. These experiences aided Ms. Turley in developing her own multi-sensory approach and techniques for treating both pediatric and adult patients. She has also developed numerous unpublished programs and treatment strategies for office and home carryover including MAPLS (Multi-Sensory Approach to Phonemic Language Stimulation) as well as a wide variety of treatment strategies for most disorders.

By October 1985, Ms. Turley designed, built, and opened her specially designed 4000 square foot clinic, The Prevention and Treatment Center at Eastside Professional Court in Taylors, SC.   Her business became the largest speech pathology practice in the state employing a staff of over 15 speech-language pathologist.   At that time, she established a Medicare Outpatient Rehabilitation Speech Pathology Clinic, Eastside Rehabilitation Services, Inc. along with her private practice.    Ms. Turley’s dream was to provide patients and families with quality professional services in a caring environment.  Through this desire to provide quality services, the facility became an educational training environment for speech-language pathologist to hone their skills.  Ms. Turley has trained, supervised, and mentored over 50 speech-language pathologist with her methods, techniques, and approaches to patients.

In March 2007, the wonderfully innovative Sensory Learning Program was identified from the cover of the February 2007 issue of Advance Magazine, a nationally published magazine for speech-language pathologist and audiologist.  This was the beginning of the Sensory Learning Program for South Carolina.  BEACON, INC., The Sensory Learning Center began treating patients of all ages with a wide range of concerns. Results have been exciting with this innovative non-traditional, non-invasive, non-cognitive foundational program.  BEACON, INC., The Sensory Learning Center was featured in the June 2007 issue of the Community Family Magazine. It has been yet another tool that Ms. Turley has brought to the patients, families, and the community of Greenville.     

Ms. Turley is excited to announce the recent remodeling of her 24-year-old building, The Prevention and Treatment Center, and looks forward to continued service to the community.  A complete section of her center has been designed and dedicated to house the Sensory Learning Center.

BEACON, INC.   |   Eastside Professional Court  |  4501 Old Spartanburg Road   |  Suite 7  |   Taylors, SC 29687   |   864-292-5154