"During my Mother's recent hospitalization, I struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed with fear, sadness, frustration: the myriad of medical diagnoses: trying to understand how to most effectively interact with medical staff.  Jeannie's counsel allowed me to confidently and assertively discuss with the medical staff the family's desires as to treatment decisions.  She encouraged me to listen to my Inner Voice recognizing and expressing my thoughts and feelings to these staff members.  Most importantly, Jeannie guided me in recognizing my Mother's condition thereby allowing us to have emotionally difficult yet truly rewarding conversations about end-of-life issues.  Had Jeannie not been in my life, I know with certainty this time would have had a very different outcome.  I left this experience confident that I had represented the best interests of my Mother and my family guided by a truly awesome coach!!

Miraculously, my Mother survived this medical crisis.  Jeannie appeared on-site to meet the family she had so effectively guided through this difficult time!!  She also directed me and effectively guided me through knowing how to work with my Mom in her re-feeding process PLUS loved on my parents.  I am just not able to capture all that Jeannie did for me -and for my family!!"

Mrs. W



"During my life coaching sessions Jeannie was able to guide me through a process of self discovery.  She was very intuitive as I explored various dimensions of my values and goals.  I was amazed at the end of the sessions how out of a vague and clouded awareness came a deeper understanding of myself and a greater clarity of my goals.  I arrived at the life coaching sessions with some questions and a need for some directions.  I completed them with not only a more clear direction but the tools to implement them as well."

Ms. P


"...I have known Jeannie Turley for over 30 years...

Jeannie has excelled in virtually everything she has attempted.  She is an excellent Speech Pathologist who built her private practice from an in-home operation to one of the largest in the state of South Carolina.  She has always stressed putting her patients' welfare first and has developed and maintained an excellent reputation among her fellow healthcare professionals.

Aside from her considerable skills as a Speech Pathologist, Jeannie's experience as a small business owner has provided her with additional skills and hands-on experiences that should be invaluable in any business situation.  She has first hand knowledge of what it takes to successfully run a business because she has been doing that for approximately 28 years. People with such entrepreneurial spirits/skills are truly rare.

On a more personal level, Jeannie is one of the most caring, giving, conscientious, socially responsible people you will ever meet.  While she has strong leadership ability, she is also an excellent team player who communicates well with people from all walks of life."

Mr. S

President, Corporation



"First, I am a healthy and happy man in his 30's who has achieved the goal I set for myself while under the guidance of my life coach, Jeannie Turley.  The time I spent with Jeannie was a great opportunity to find out what I see as important in life.  It was a safe environment to do just that, and I always knew I was in the company of someone who not only cares but is knowledgeable as well.  Reaching goals and having accomplishments to speak of are great and important in their own right.  My goal was to get to know myself again and find out what is important in my life.  I accomplished that.

Mr. B


"Jeannie has been not only my supervisor, but my mentor and friend.  She has guided my career as a speech pathologist and helped me grow as a person.  Jeannie provides a foundation that inspires you to become better in all that you do."

Ms. M




"I met Jeannie through a referral from an ENT for voice treatment for my son.  Later, she also saw my younger son for articulation treatment.  As a former Speech-Language Clinician I feel that Jeannie is the best Speech-Language Pathologist I have ever known.  She is very knowledgeable in her field and draws on many years of experience.  Her work is excellent and she has a wonderful rapport with her patients and families."

Mrs. D


"Jeannie Turley is simply the best Speech Pathologist whom I have ever known.  I have known and worked with Jeannie for over 20 years.  I have referred numerous patients and friends to Jeannie over the years, and her expertise is extraordinary.  Jeannie is warm, gracious, caring, and professional.  Jeannie creates an environment that embraces and positively impacts the youngest child to the more elderly individual.  She is a seasoned professional dedicated to her profession.  She advances her skills and has stayed amazingly progressive with her practice by offering the most cutting-edge services available. 

Jeannie has served on the Interim HealthCare Advisory Board for close to 20 years, and she has provided numerous hours of consultation and direction.  I can not say enough about Jeannie's character and expertise.  Anyone who meets her will be affected by her beautiful smile and welcoming presence, yet it is her expertise that is the real WOW."

Charyl M. Schroeder, RN

Vice President of  Interim HealthCare


"Every day on the playground, listening to the children, I'm thankful that we chose the path of early intervention with our son's speech delay and issues.  We enlisted Speech-Language Pathology Service's help before his self-esteem could be affected.

Jeannie tailored the therapy to our son's individual interest, keeping him motivated.  Our treatment sessions were transformed into weekly "FEAR FACTOR" challenges because of his love of the TV show.  SLPS patients are handled with great TLC."

Mrs. M


"...She does assessments on new admissions, and provides the proper therapy when indicated.  She has shown a compassionate affinity for our clients, and has assisted with the training of our staff.  She has always kept us fully informed as to client progress and has taken a personal interest in their accomplishments.

I personally hold Ms. Turley in high regard and can without any reservations, highly recommend her."

Ms. C

Charge Nurse, Facility


"My son is now six years old, he attended school for the first time this past year and successfully finished K5.  He will begin first grade in August 09.  Everything is fine Now, but that was not the case when he was suppose to start talking.  All he made was sounds like humming, bah bah and instead of calling me "mommy" he called me "boo".  So when I took him for his well baby check up, I believe at 10 months or so, I expressed my concern to the pediatrician who referred me to the speech pathologist.  I was very concerned, in tears, I did not know what was wrong with my son.  He couldn't express his feelings.  He could point at things but every time he ended up crying.  I was so frustrated.  I can not tell you how grateful I am. 

Jeannie showed so much interest and immediately we started his therapy.  We noticed the changes quickly, within the first month he became more vocal.  He called me "Mommy" and it was the best day of my life! 

The prompt intervention was the clue for his success.  Today, we can't make him stop talking.  He is doing very well.  He is confident and very smart.

I cannot thank Jeannie enough.  The speech sessions and also the Sensory Learning Program were a very important piece to gain the child he is today. 

Thank you for all your help!

Mrs. C


"I am most happy to have an opportunity to recommend Jeannie Turley of BEACON INC., Speech-Language Pathology Services to those searching for insightful, compassionate, skilled, and effective therapy for their children as well as comprehensive support for themselves, as they become proficient in caring for their amazing children.

My daughter born in the fall of 1998, began to show signs of a developmental disorder a little before the age of three.  Her pediatrician recommended a round of evaluations to determine the problem.  Naturally, be began at the Greeenville Hospital System.  However, the evaluation process we went through there left my husband and me feeling little confidence in its accuracy.  The therapist we met with was inexperienced and relied too heavily on questionnaires as opposed to observation and getting to know our daughter in order to make a thorough assessment.  She seemed overly quick with a diagnosis of "pervasive developmental disorder", given during the evaluation, as if the diagnosis had already been pre-determined from the lengthy survey we had submitted prior to our appointment.  The formal evaluation seemed little more than a formality to confirm a first impression.

This initial diagnosis was immediately ruled out by our daughter's pediatrician, and we were left feeling as if there were no other resources in the area for our daughter.  After a year and a half of tests and a bit of self education, my husband and I were fortunate to meet with a developmental pediatrician in Greenville who was able to confirm a language processing disorder as the source of our daughter's delay.  He recommended that we seek out an "experienced, independent language therapist."  We found that there are few such practitioners in the Greenville area, as most are affiliated with the Greenville Hospital System.

In the spring of 2003, I had the good fortune of finding Ms. Turley.  Ms. Turley listened with compassion as I explained that over the preceding year and a half, as we had worked to find the appropriate treatment for our daughter our home and our daughter had grown out of control.  Unprepared for a child with special needs, we had long since abandoned the typical expectations for our daughter, simply trying to cope and keep the peace.  My daughter and I began to attend therapy sessions immediately.  My daughter connected quickly with "Ms. Jeannie", in large part thanks to Jeannie's gentle nature with children.  Ms. Turley had incredible insight into my daughter's thought processes, calmly and skillfully soothing her when she felt angry and powerless to communicate her needs verbally.  On one early occasion, I remember sitting in the floor of the office playing a children's board game with my daughter and Ms. Turley.  In typical fashion, my daughter grew defiant, wishing to fiddle with the parts rather than play the game, and soon began to withdraw from the play area and us.  Eventually, she slid up under an office chair, refusing to join us or speak.  Jeannie explained that my daughter was unable to process the game rules and as a result wanted to play with the game in a manner she could enjoy.  I had seen this behavior at home many times, and had interpreted it as simply poor behavior.  As Jeannie and I continued to play the game, simplifying the rules, I watched with amazement as gradually my daughter came out from under the chair, edged closer and closer, and then moved back into position at the board.  Once she absorbed the new rules, she was happy to join in with none of the earlier defiance and anger.  Jeannie struck me as some type of "child whisperer" because of her ability to translate my daughter's non-verbal communication to me.

I, too, benefited as I sat in sessions with my daughter.  I became much more informed about the disorder my daughter struggled with as Jeannie, educating me while she treated her, explained why my daughter behaved as she did.  As a result of Ms. Turley's skill as a mediator and therapist, in a matter of months, my daughter's behavior, the most visible sign of her disorder, began to improve.  Ms. Turley was incredibly supportive as we began to re-establish a healthy parent-child relationship.  Our home life began to resemble something normal.

After working extensively with Ms. Turley for three years, our daughter's language disorder became imperceptible to all but those who were closest to her.  Educated at a Montessori school, during her therapy period, she entered public school just last year.  At the recommendation of our daughter's developmental pediatrician and by Ms. Turley, we have never mentioned our daughter's earlier difficulties to the school. She not only has thrived in this new environment, but has thrown herself into a larger school with enthusiasm, completing her first year with no  behavioral issues and nearly straight A's!  And we are happy to report that no one has once questioned us about any difficulties she might be having with speech.  In the late fall of last year, our daughter saw her developmental pediatrician for the last time.  The relief and gratitude my husband and I felt could never be fully expressed.

I have learned so many things as a parent throughout this journey.  In hindsight, I would have sought out a developmental pediatrician sooner, as I found that general pediatricians are quick to acknowledge their lack of training when dealing with special needs children.  I would have sought out language therapy earlier instead of adopting the typical "wait and see" approach that my pediatrician recommended.  Many of the behavioral issues we dealt with as a result of the language processing disorder my daughter experienced were greatly exacerbated during that period.  Not only was I surprised to find that language therapy was not about teaching my daughter to speak, so, too, was my pediatrician.  My daughter's developmental pediatrician was the only one who seemed unsurprised when I explained our progress in the first few months of treatment.  He explained concisely that language therapy is not about teaching someone to speak as much as it is about teaching someone the ability to cope with the inability to speak.

Our time with Jeannie Turley remains our best investment for our daughter.

She takes time to observe and listen to her patients and their family members.  As a result, her ability to diagnose children and adults alike is outstanding.  Her skill in therapy is all the more effective because of her genuine concern for her patients and their families.  Her practice is unique because she focuses consistently on treating the entire family, instead of just the patient, making it possible for "therapy" to continue at home on a daily basis within the family.  And she is an invaluable source of information on strategies and resources to those who need additional support. 

Again, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Turley to those trying to decide upon the best approach for treating their children or themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. B





"My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for everything you've done for our daughter.  We are so thankful that she was able to participate in the Sensory Learning Program.  She has progressed leaps and bounds beyond where she was prior to the Program.

Our primary concern for our daughter prior to entering the Program was her speech fluency.  At the age of two, we noticed the speech problem and it continued (and steadily worsened) through the age of four.  For several months following the conclusion of the Program, her speech dysfluency decreased to the point where the problem disappeared completely.  She has had fluent speech for the past six months-we are thrilled!!!

Although the speech problem was our target, we were amazed to see the progress that our daughter made in several other areas.  Before entering the program, she was unable to focus for much of any length of time and had a constant need for motion and noise making and she often behaved in an erratic manner.  We were concerned how she would be able to handle sitting quietly in a classroom environment.  Since the Program, her temperament has made a definite shift.  She is able to focus and learn in a classroom and is able to control her motion level.  She is able to relax and REASON-what a change!  Her artistic skills have also dramatically improved.  Prior to entering the Program, she was unable to color within the lines of a picture and was noticeably behind in this area.  Just a few WEEKS after the Program, her coloring skills were UNBELIEVABLY different-all coloring was neat and within the lines.  Her drawings also became more sophisticated in a very short period of time!  Her coloring now (one year after the Program) is absolutely beautiful and her teacher this year regularly sends "WOW" messages on her coloring pages!!

I must confess that we came into the Sensory Learning Program doubtful that it would make a difference.  However, the changes that we have seen within our daughter are nothing short of amazing.  We are believers of the Program and are so thankful that you introduced the Program to us.  Please feel free to pass this letter on to any patients who may be considering the Sensory Learning Program. 

Thanks again!!"

Mr. and Mrs. S



"It has been over three months since I completed the Sensory Learning Program.  I must say I couldn't tell immediately that I had great improvement other than a few areas such as my balance, (you know that as a result of a stroke years earlier I have been living with a very precarious balance), and being able to sleep much better.  It seems though I can't tell of great improvements others can!  Also, I can tell that there are constantly small and large improvements.  I walk better and instead of only being able to wear the flattest of flats, I can now wear a 1-11/2 inch high heel.  This improvement is not only a wonderful physical improvement it definitely affects my outlook about how I look and how fashionable I can be.  I think my speech is improved or I should say I know my speech is improved - people are not constantly asking, "What did you say?"  Probably my hearing (I have only 5% hearing), has improved also - as I am also not asking others "What did you say?"

Following is a list of areas that either myself or others see improvements in:

Co-ordination - increase in walking and general movements

Balance - don't fall nearly as much or as often

Sleeping - longer and better

Speech - improved in clarity, people understand me better

Voice - (I think this is different from speech.) Not as hollow sounding -others tell me this, I can't tell.

Hearing - I can hear others better (not great but better)

Language - (You are the first person who told me the name of the condition that I have had since my stroke - dysnomia - where I cannot recall the names of everyday words, car, house, dog, etc.)  This condition is much improved.  I am delighted that my problem with recall of names of words doesn't occur nearly as frequently.  (This has been especially frustrating to me.  So, I guess I should add one more.

Less Frustration

It feels really great when even if I can't tell improvements in all these areas, other people tell me they can.  Jeannie, I did expect some improvement (any would have been good) but the Sensory Learning Program has far exceeded my expectations and I think I may be improving gradually even now three months later.

I wish everyone in the world knew about this program.  I am so glad I discovered it and it was available right here in Greenville.  Thank you!  Thank You!


Mrs. D

PS: You are welcome to use me as a reference if anyone asks for a referral."


"My husband has finished the first twelve days of the Sensory Learning Program.  I've kept a diary of his progress and have seen many changes. 

Increase in balance, increase in strength, decrease in the tension on his face, voice seems stronger, his walking is much better, sleeps good at night and less in the day.  He gets in and out of the car much better. 

It will be exciting to watch as he continues in the program." 

Mrs. C



"I have to write to thank you so much for the wonderful work you did with my father.  Since completing your program his blood pressure has dropped considerably and he is more relaxed than he has been in quite a few years. 

I see a difference in his speech and can now understand him when I call on the phone.  He was unable to get into the car without help in putting his legs into the car, now he can do that alone.  He walks further without tiring and sleeps through the night.  These are all small changes but with his Parkinson's digressing, I am glad there is something out there that can help him to have a better quality of life.  He is such a wonderful man and you are a God send. 

I want to thank you also for your loving and caring bedside manor during the days he and my mom were there at your office.  They have had nothing but praise for you and your professional manor in your work along with your personal concern for my dad.  I can never thank you enough for all you have done and I will recommend you and your program to all people that are sick with or without Parkinson's disease, stressed or unable to function in life.

Mrs. T



"My child looked forward to the home light sessions.  In the first week, she would fall asleep about thirty minutes after light sessions.  In the following sessions, she would fall asleep within ten minutes of completing the sessions. Her sleep is better and deeper.   

It's wonderful!  We are seeing lots of changes over time.  Her speech-language has improved greatly with almost all of her speech in complete sentences.  Her processing skills are also increasing.  Her behavior at school and the transition from home to school is going very well.  We are noticing an increase in her articulation.  Her behavior is more controlled and more mature.  She is interested in learning and her social speech is developing.  She is starting to initiate conversations.

School is going great!   Everybody needs to go through the Program!

Mrs. M




"As an adult survivor of all forms of childhood abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and an Eating Disorder, I have been on a long healing journey.  I have been in counseling for years which has been life changing.  When I learned of the Sensory Learning Program, I decided to see if it would help me.

I wanted to thank you for helping me feel safe with the program.  I understood about the non-cognitive approach but once I went through the program, it made sense.  I felt safe to cry from the depths of my soul.  No words only my body and soul speaking its own pain.  No terror, just gentle release as my body let go of more trauma.  It was a safe and private place for me to go to another level of healing.  It has helped me find peace, a sense of solidness and a basic core within myself.  I really don't have words to explain the peace I have felt.  Also, I am able to sleep more and I believe deeper.  I feel more relaxed and rested  in the mornings.

As I have gone through the Sensory Learning Program, I have had many "Aha" moments, which I continue to process with my counselor.  This program helped me release areas which had not been possible in my traditional cognitive counseling sessions.

I am thankful I had the opportunity to go through the Sensory Learning Program.  It was gentle, calming, nurturing, relaxing and releasing.  I have taken away from this a more sense of myself, peace and joy.

Thank you for providing me with a safe and private place to heal.  I feel this program can be of benefit to many hurting people.



"The biggest change or improvement that I noticed was emotionally.  Since I started the Sensory Learning Program I was going through a divorce process which was very devastating.  It seemed that from the time I started the Program, my emotions started to get better.  I also started going to Life Coaching that I believed  it  contributed too. 

Another slight change noticed, being a ADD carrier, I seemed to be able to stay focused more often.  I'm not as forgetful as I used to be and I stay more on task, too.  I still experience these problems everyday but they have gotten better.  I'm also more organized than what I used to be.  I'm still disorganized but it has gotten better.  Overall my life has turned to a positive more since  I went through the Sensory Learning Program."

Mr. M



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