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I am Jeannie C. Turley, MSP, CCC-LSLP owner of Beacon, Inc., and I want to personally thank you for joining us as I share with you my excitement about this wonderful program.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist and early interventionist, I have been passionately treating patients and working with families for over 30 years in private practice. As a family centered practice, my philosophy is one of a facilitator - mentor in walking with patients and families as they make positive changes in their lives. I have strived to provide my families with quality, professional services in a caring environment, and I am excited and proud to incorporate the Sensory LearningSM Program into my practice.

I believe that the Sensory Learning Program allows the person's own neurological system to organize itself into a state of readiness to learn. This becomes the building blocks for higher learning. Early on in my career as a speech-language pathologist I had the wonderful opportunity to work with outstanding pediatric occupational therapists. It is here where I learned the importance of incorporating a multi-sensory approach into my daily treatment with patients both children and adults. The results are phenomenal, and I can not imagine treating patients without tapping into the sensory systems. It is how our body takes in information and learns. When I learned of Mary Bolles and the Sensory Learning Program I said, "She's got it!"

For those who have not experienced the long hard road of habilitation or rehabilitation it is difficult to understand what the patients and families endure for the hope of recovery. Those of us who treat patients whether in the fields of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision therapy, psychology, the medical community, or others know how important the patient's participation is in determining the outcome of treatment. In traditional treatments what is required from the patient and family is dedication, patience, persistence, and a willingness to endure the ups and downs of the treatment process. What is required with the Sensory Learning Program though is minimal. It is a non-cognitive, non-invasive approach where the body must simply be open to relaxing and allowing the internal healing process to take place.

For those not in traditional treatments the program offers the opportunity to function at higher levels as well. Because this program targets the brain at the core level it has been found to be effective in helping people in many aspects of life. Many executives and business people have taken advantage of the Sensory Learning Program's ability to strengthen one's concentration and focus leading to increased productivity in the work place. Sports figures as well have used the program to enhance their performance with improved coordination, balance, fine and gross motor skills. The Sensory Learning Program has also shown to be an aid in dealing with stress, anxiety, and other conditions which prevent people from reaching their full potential.

It is important to note that this foundational intervention does not take the place of other treatments. I see this as an augmentative treatment that will increase the effectiveness and possibly reduce the duration of traditional treatments. In my practice we have found that the Sensory Learning Program works! Patients who have gone through the program are exhibiting dramatic and steady changes in their lives. As a practitioner I am excited about seeing the Pre and Post Testing results as well as the subjective results that you just can not see on paper. Those that have gone through the program are reporting improvements in their lives from better school and work performance to a better overall sense of well being. The program has given hope to many, and I look forward to helping others who can benefit from this program.

If we may be of help to you as you learn more about the program for yourself or a family member, please contact us at 864-292-5154 or for more information and videos visit the Greenville Sensory Learning Center .

Thank you,

Jeannie C. Turley, MSP, CCC-LSLP
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