Sensory Learning Testimonials



Parents reported child was very relaxed after the Program yesterday and he fell asleep more easily. He slept through the night which was unusual but that it has occurred a few times in the past. He was relaxed and fell asleep today.


Last night he slept well and in his own bed through the night. Dad was able to walk him to bed without crying or protest and without attempting to play as usual. This was the second night for this. This was the first time Dad was able to walk him to bed. He is able to wear the headphones with less assistance.


Mom reports he slept through the night in deep sleep again. She reports that this is different and that this has never occurred before the Program. They are very pleased with this new result. He was very relaxed in the sessions today.


This is the fourth night in a row that he has slept in his bed with deep sleep and no wake ups during the night and the first time that this has ever happened in his life. He is wearing the headphones with little assistance. His visual awareness, attending and localization are increasing. He is responding to the SLP.


He slept well and in his own bed through the night. Dad is now convinced that this is different and not a fluke. He was awake and fully engaged in the Program today. He is following the SLP’s basic directions. Dad reports he is following directions, which is new. In the immediate past, they would give him basic commands over and over with no response, requiring them to go to him and physically work with him through the issue. For the first time, he is listening and responding to basic requests. This is a new behavior that started last night. Dad also noted that he is attending and focusing more with toys, TV, and his surroundings. There is an increase in babbling with it being more “precise” per Dad. We are all noting an increase in coordination with less clumsiness in walking and general body movements. There appears to be more purposeful body and hand movements with increased motor planning. His vocal play is increasing with an increase in the amount of babbling, as well as, complexity. We are all noting an increase in relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, emotional regulation and regulation of sleep cycles.


Dad reported that his son slept through the night in deep sleep again from 7:40 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. GREAT! Today very relaxed, awake and engaged. They are continuing to see changes as above.


Mom and Dad brought him to treatment today. They are seeing some irritability, but progressing well. He again had great sleep last night from 7:30p.m. to 6:00a.m. They are continuing to see him respond to basic commands with increased awareness and processing of his environment. Both feel he said, “Let’s get grooving!” which is from a toy radio that he plays over and over. They reported that the phrase had the same intonational pattern as the radio. He was very relaxed, awake and engaged today. He is responding to the SLP with increased awareness, attending, eye contact, and focus. He is processing greetings, closures, touch including hugs and being held by the SLP. He is following directions, i.e. “Touch ____” with physical manipulation, imitation, and spontaneously to objects and picture plates. He is transitioning from activity and objects. We are noting an increase in babbling including more complexity with more sounds and combinations. Melodic line and prosody are increasing with some early jargoning. His body appears more balanced, less erratic and reduction in clumsiness. He is improving in all sensory modalities.


Mom heard his first real word at the end of his first sessions today. During the session he produced several new sounds that the SLP had not heard. However, Mom reported that they have heard these a few times before but not often. Today he had an increase in babbling and early jargoning. He was very relaxed, awake and engaged with all activities. Mom reported and SLP noting an increase in coordination with less
clumsiness in walking and general body movements.

DAY 10

Mom and Dad here today and they report that he slept through the night in deep sleep again as well as took a nap today. GREAT! Also, there was no wetting the bed. Parents are eliminating a drink before bed with no problems. They reported that last night he attempted “leg” during
bath time as Mom was washing his leg. He is producing new sounds and more complex vocalizations. He is imitating during vocal play.

DAY 11

Dad reported he woke up at 2:30 a.m. and went back to sleep at 4:00 a.m. They are continuing to see him respond and process more
information, increased babbling and imitation. He is continuing to make progress in all areas as above.


Mom and Dad report that he had great sleep last night. Today he took the longest nap he has ever had. They are noting that he is more consistently responding to his name, “no”, “come to Daddy”, etc. which is all new. He is responding well and making progress.


"Hi Jeannie,
I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know how things are going with our son. He's doing very well with the light at home and it's been pretty easy to get him to do it, actually. I was worried he would be too distracted at home but he's been very cooperative.
The most important news though, is what his regular therapists have had to say about him! He went back to Speech / OT / PT on Monday at his private therapistsand the school for Speech and preschool on Tuesday. Monday they were all very excited to hear how it went as soon as we got there. Then, during his Speech/OT co-treat session, they were both very excited about his behavior. They said (and I could see through the window) that his eye contact was much better and his attention to them and the tasks was very much improved. He had a lot of vocalizations there, too. They have been treating him for 1 1/2 years, so they know him well and could really see a big change. My husband took him to his school sessions on Tuesday and said they were thrilled with his attention and behavior. He has not been going there very long and is still feeling a little unfamiliar with all of them, so most days he has cried at least part of his sessions. Not on Tuesday - he was evidently a very happy camper which is a great change. They also said he had a lot of vocalizations with them, so that is wonderful!
I thought you would want to hear about all of that, and goodness knows we are just so pleased to have such things to report! It's amazing what the program has done for him already and he still has 2 weeks of home therapy to go. It's just wonderful!
Thank you so much and I'll keep you updated as we continue to move forward. Have a wonderful day!"
Mom (Emergency Room Nurse)


"Hi Jeannie,
Everything is going well with the light at home and he has been getting the full 20 min every time. It's actually been fairly easy to fit into our day/evening and he is very cooperative with it. He has his own little internal clock though, and gets a little squirmy the last minute or two in the morning sessions.
A far as changes, nothing new to report. However, his improved attention to people and tasks, eye contact and increased babbling are continuing and all of his teachers and therapists continue to remark about it. They are all as excited about it as we are and we all think this is really going to help him a lot. I think everything is going to work together for him just perfectly!
Thanks for checking in on us and we'll see you soon!"


Mom and Dad report they have seen tremendous changes over the last month. They report that all of his therapists are very pleased with his progress. He has increased responses to auditory information, processing and eye contact. They are noting a faster progression in all of his treatment activities.


"Vast improvement. Responding more to directions. Paying attention more. Lots of inflection. Trying to copy inflection of others. Still going to bed and sleeping well. (Began on the second day of SENSORY LEARNING PROGRAM and consistently continued after this) Increased babbling. Increased vocalizations. Increased consonant and vowel sounds. Increased combination of sounds. Responding to "no". Responding to reprimand. Going to the refrigerator for hungry and thirsty. Going to the pantry for MAC & CHEESE. Tremendous increase in wanting to be read to. Loves it. Will direct parents in different activities. If they are sitting in a different position, he will correct them and put them in the appropriate positions. We plan on going through the SENSORY LEARNING PROGRAM NEXT YEAR! (It is recommended once per year as needed.)."DAD- IT SPECIALIST


"Ditto on all of the above that her husband is seeing. Behavior wise - he is "easier". He is sharing with other children. In the last two weeks during his regular treatment sessions, was the first time he has been interested in the shape board and puzzles. It was the first time he put the circle and square shapes in the holes. He was able to do it by focusing and moving the puzzle pieces around until they fit. He allowed his therapist to assist him with the triangle. It was like he was saying "This is what I want!" He appeared to be understanding what comes next." Mom has been requiring him to maintain eye contact with her before she reads to him. She is pausing until he responds. She reports excellent progress with this.


"Hi Jeannie,
Our son has still been doing very well in all his therapies and making great progress. On Wednesday, he got 88% on his PECS while practicing discrimination between 2 pictures and he almost said "ball" and "want" during the practice! His therapist was very excited and so were we! His improved focus and attention have been very noticeable to everyoneand I think it is really helping everything else. Yesterday, I think I got more eye contact from him than I would have gotten in a week before. I'm not sure why, but he was just wanting to play with me all day long rather than play alone at all. He was the same last night with everyone when we had some friends over for dinner. He was just so happy and running around with everyone and laughing constantly for literally hours on end. It was wonderful! The people we had over last night have been friends with us for many years and they have been really noticing a lot of improvement in him. Actually, it was our friend that came with us on the day we came to turn in the light to you, and her husband and kids. It's great to get so much feedback from other people, not just what we notice. I will certainly keep you posted, especially when (not if!) the big developments come along. We are just so encouraged by his progress!"

Mom and child surprised me at the Strides For Autism event with great news! He now has another new word “Mommy”. They are seeing great progress with him in all areas. She reports that they are very thankful they went through the Sensory Learning Program. She was able to talk with several families at the event to share her story.


"We are so thankful that she was able to participate in the Sensory Learning Program.  She has progressed leaps and bounds beyond where she was prior to the Program....I must confess that we came into the Sensory Learning Program doubtful that it would make a difference.  However, the changes that we have seen within our daughter are nothing short of amazing.  We are believers of the Program and are so thankful that you introduced the Program to us..."



"My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for everything you've done for our daughter.  We are so thankful that she was able to participate in the Sensory Learning Program.  She has progressed leaps and bounds beyond where she was prior to the Program.

Our primary concern for our daughter prior to entering the Program was her speech fluency.  At the age of two, we noticed the speech problem and it continued (and steadily worsened) through the age of four.  For several months following the conclusion of the Program, her speech dysfluency decreased to the point where the problem disappeared completely.  She has had fluent speech for the past six months-we are thrilled!!!

Although the speech problem was our target, we were amazed to see the progress that our daughter made in several other areas.  Before entering the program, she was unable to focus for much of any length of time and had a constant need for motion and noise making and she often behaved in an erratic manner.  We were concerned how she would be able to handle sitting quietly in a classroom environment.  Since the Program, her temperament has made a definite shift.  She is able to focus and learn in a classroom and is able to control her motion level.  She is able to relax and REASON-what a change!  Her artistic skills have also dramatically improved.  Prior to entering the Program, she was unable to color within the lines of a picture and was noticeably behind in this area.  Just a few WEEKS after the Program, her coloring skills were UNBELIEVABLY different-all coloring was neat and within the lines.  Her drawings also became more sophisticated in a very short period of time!  Her coloring now (one year after the Program) is absolutely beautiful and her teacher this year regularly sends "WOW" messages on her coloring pages!!

I must confess that we came into the Sensory Learning Program doubtful that it would make a difference.  However, the changes that we have seen within our daughter are nothing short of amazing.  We are believers of the Program and are so thankful that you introduced the Program to us.  Please feel free to pass this letter on to any patients who may be considering the Sensory Learning Program. 

Thanks again!!"

Mr. and Mrs. S



"It has been over three months since I completed the Sensory Learning Program.  I must say I couldn't tell immediately that I had great improvement other than a few areas such as my balance, (you know that as a result of a stroke years earlier I have been living with a very precarious balance), and being able to sleep much better.  It seems though I can't tell of great improvements others can!  Also, I can tell that there are constantly small and large improvements.  I walk better and instead of only being able to wear the flattest of flats, I can now wear a 1-11/2 inch high heel.  This improvement is not only a wonderful physical improvement it definitely affects my outlook about how I look and how fashionable I can be.  I think my speech is improved or I should say I know my speech is improved - people are not constantly asking, "What did you say?"  Probably my hearing (I have only 5% hearing), has improved also - as I am also not asking others "What did you say?"

Following is a list of areas that either myself or others see improvements in:

Co-ordination - increase in walking and general movements

Balance - don't fall nearly as much or as often

Sleeping - longer and better

Speech - improved in clarity, people understand me better

Voice - (I think this is different from speech.) Not as hollow sounding -others tell me this, I can't tell.

Hearing - I can hear others better (not great but better)

Language - (You are the first person who told me the name of the condition that I have had since my stroke - dysnomia - where I cannot recall the names of everyday words, car, house, dog, etc.)  This condition is much improved.  I am delighted that my problem with recall of names of words doesn't occur nearly as frequently.  (This has been especially frustrating to me.  So, I guess I should add one more.

Less Frustration

It feels really great when even if I can't tell improvements in all these areas, other people tell me they can.  Jeannie, I did expect some improvement (any would have been good) but the Sensory Learning Program has far exceeded my expectations and I think I may be improving gradually even now three months later.

I wish everyone in the world knew about this program.  I am so glad I discovered it and it was available right here in Greenville.  Thank you!  Thank You!


Mrs. D

PS: You are welcome to use me as a reference if anyone asks for a referral."



"My husband has finished the first twelve days of the Sensory Learning Program.  I've kept a diary of his progress and have seen many changes. 

Increase in balance, increase in strength, decrease in the tension on his face, voice seems stronger, his walking is much better, sleeps good at night and less in the day.  He gets in and out of the car much better. 

It will be exciting to watch as he continues in the program." 

Mrs. C



"I have to write to thank you so much for the wonderful work you did with my father.  Since completing your program his blood pressure has dropped considerably and he is more relaxed than he has been in quite a few years. 

I see a difference in his speech and can now understand him when I call on the phone.  He was unable to get into the car without help in putting his legs into the car, now he can do that alone.  He walks further without tiring and sleeps through the night.  These are all small changes but with his Parkinson's digressing, I am glad there is something out there that can help him to have a better quality of life.  He is such a wonderful man and you are a God send. 

I want to thank you also for your loving and caring bedside manor during the days he and my mom were there at your office.  They have had nothing but praise for you and your professional manor in your work along with your personal concern for my dad.  I can never thank you enough for all you have done and I will recommend you and your program to all people that are sick with or without Parkinson's disease, stressed or unable to function in life.

Mrs. T



"My child looked forward to the home light sessions.  In the first week, she would fall asleep about thirty minutes after light sessions.  In the following sessions, she would fall asleep within ten minutes of completing the sessions. Her sleep is better and deeper.   

It's wonderful!  We are seeing lots of changes over time.  Her speech-language has improved greatly with almost all of her speech in complete sentences.  Her processing skills are also increasing.  Her behavior at school and the transition from home to school is going very well.  We are noticing an increase in her articulation.  Her behavior is more controlled and more mature.  She is interested in learning and her social speech is developing.  She is starting to initiate conversations.

School is going great!   Everybody needs to go through the Program!

Mrs. M



"As an adult survivor of all forms of childhood abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and an Eating Disorder, I have been on a long healing journey.  I have been in counseling for years which has been life changing.  When I learned of the Sensory Learning Program, I decided to see if it would help me.

I wanted to thank you for helping me feel safe with the program.  I understood about the non-cognitive approach but once I went through the program, it made sense.  I felt safe to cry from the depths of my soul.  No words only my body and soul speaking its own pain.  No terror, just gentle release as my body let go of more trauma.  It was a safe and private place for me to go to another level of healing.  It has helped me find peace, a sense of solidness and a basic core within myself.  I really don't have words to explain the peace I have felt.  Also, I am able to sleep more and I believe deeper.  I feel more relaxed and rested  in the mornings.

As I have gone through the Sensory Learning Program, I have had many "Aha" moments, which I continue to process with my counselor.  This program helped me release areas which had not been possible in my traditional cognitive counseling sessions.

I am thankful I had the opportunity to go through the Sensory Learning Program.  It was gentle, calming, nurturing, relaxing and releasing.  I have taken away from this a more sense of myself, peace and joy.

Thank you for providing me with a safe and private place to heal.  I feel this program can be of benefit to many hurting people.



"The biggest change or improvement that I noticed was emotionally.  Since I started the Sensory Learning Program I was going through a divorce process which was very devastating.  It seemed that from the time I started the Program, my emotions started to get better.  I also started going to Life Coaching that I believed  it  contributed too. 

Another slight change noticed, being a ADD carrier, I seemed to be able to stay focused more often.  I'm not as forgetful as I used to be and I stay more on task, too.  I still experience these problems everyday but they have gotten better.  I'm also more organized than what I used to be.  I'm still disorganized but it has gotten better.  Overall my life has turned to a positive more since  I went through the Sensory Learning Program."

Mr. M

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