"During my Mother's recent hospitalization, I struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed with fear, sadness, and frustration. Jeannie's counsel allowed me to confidently and assertively discuss with the medical staff the family's desires as to treatment decisions. Jeannie guided me in recognizing my Mother's condition thereby allowing us to have emotionally difficult yet truly rewarding conversations about end-of-life issues. Had Jeannie not been in my life, I know with certainty this time would have had a very different outcome."

"During my life coaching sessions Jeannie was able to guide me through a process of self discovery. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and a greater clarity of my goals.”

"Jeannie Turley is simply the best Speech Pathologist whom I have ever known.”

“Jeannie creates an environment that embraces and positively impacts the youngest child to the more elderly individual. She is a seasoned professional dedicated to her profession. She advances her skills and has stayed amazingly progressive with her practice by offering the most cutting-edge services available."

“Aside from her considerable skills as a Speech Pathologist, Jeannie’s experience as a small business owner has provided her with additional skills and hands-on experiences that should be invaluable in any business situation.”


"I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Turley to those trying to decide upon the best approach for treating their children or themselves. She takes time to observe and listen to her patients and their family members.  As a result, her ability to diagnose children and adults alike is outstanding.  Her skill in therapy is all the more effective because of her genuine concern for her patients and their families."


"We are so thankful that she was able to participate in the Sensory Learning Program.  She has progressed leaps and bounds beyond where she was prior to the Program....I must confess that we came into the Sensory Learning Program doubtful that it would make a difference.  However, the changes that we have seen within our daughter are nothing short of amazing.  We are believers of the Program and are so thankful that you introduced the Program to us..."

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